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Countonme (COM) is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Team is committed to launch Countonme (COM) Liquidity Locking for  farming, COM Swap for token exchange , staking, mint NFT , Gamefi P2E ,COM Bridge for transferring coins from one blockchain to other, COM Pay for hybrid integrated payment gateway with prepaid crypto card, COM Wallet to send, receive crypto and connect DeFi world , sport betting.

What is Countonme?

Countonme Contract Address


Attention: Please alert that there are fake Countonme Contract out there!!

Please search Countonme or add Countonme address in Pancakeswap.

Total Supply


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Why Countonme (COM)?

Holders Countonme will earn by 4% for each transaction buy/sale . The longer hold the more reflection holders will get and growing COM token .

Liquidity LP locked for 3,years , smart contact Audit and team developer and project owner KYC , doxxed , rug fee .Meaning your investments are  safe.
As project owner/developer team we will working hard 24/7 to delivery on time as smoothly as possible so our goal can hit everyone’s best interest. 
With our strategy and have been in cryptocurrency business for so long , and with experience on business. We know what to do and we should do to bring up Countonme project to market and grow it successfully. 
Team owner/developer always stick with investors and listen with some new idea from investors. Together we will take Countonme to the moon.
Our team will trying our best to make it success..Put smile on investors face. We know out there have so many life waiting  Countonme community-family to helps.



Ecosystem fund (cex + airdrop + Staking NFT.. )








Team developer ( lock 2 years)


Pinksale (lock 3 year )


Team vesting



Token Feature Tax

Buy/Sale Tax





Go back to liquidity LP


Development + Marketing 


Reflection holders share


Phase 1

  • Count-On-Me (COM) Founded
  • Deployed Smart Contact
  • Website launch www.Countonme.live
  • Whitelist 
  • Airdrop (1)
  • Audit + KYC
  • Presale Pinksale
  • Launch Pancakeswap 
  •  Whitepage
  • Apply Coinmarketcap
  • Apply Coingeiko

Phase 2

  • Airdrop # on coinmarketcap
  • Staking platform launch
  • Crypto Live Credit Card  ( can purchase token with Credit Card , Bank Card and Paypal )
  • 10000 NFT digital collection card
  • Mint NFT platform launch
  • Countonme.wiki launch ( open for for charity and donation organization group to post new around the world. Like FundMe . Online Shop )

Phase 3

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Nft playing  cards game blind box
  • Staking NFT platform launch
  • NFT game p2e launch

Phase 4

  • Audit (2)
  • Cex Major exchange list
  • Charity Donation
  • Partnerships with Major betting site 
  • Sport  Betting site launch 
  • More to be announced

Our Team

Alvaro Segura

Live in USA ,Currently own business ,working on multiple business know .As business owner and know how to grow project well plus how to communicate with investors.

Mardon Brown
Project Developer

Live in CanCun-Mexico , experience in cryptocurrency , currently working on blockchain products , Internet Projects .Been travel around the world as project developer knows how to make successfully and growing strong..

Kevin Do
Head of marketing-social media

Raised in USA , 12 years of experience in internet marketing knows well about marketing-advertising.



Countonme  is a token that helps those who need as much assistance at the time. We have decided to work with charities and organizations that focuses on social issues that minorities and small businesses face in the world today , And humans right projection.
While many of holders are on their journey to reach the moon, we would like to join knowing we have left our mark on earth!
In other words, let’s get on the rocket while supporting our less fortunate friends who will be cheering us from the side-lines because being a holder of Countonme means we make a change not only to our lives but the lives of others.


What is the contract ID?


How does Countonme work?

Countonme taxes a total of 13% on every transaction which goes is subdivided into four parts:

4% of transactions is redistributed back to all Countonme token holders.

3% Go back to LP liquidity.

2% Go for Charity donation works wallet.

4% Go for project development and marketing wallet.

Donations to the organizations will also be voted on by our community Vibranium holders. We will designate a separate charity wallet to ensure the money will be spent only on charity. Proof of charitable donations will be provided in our Telegram chat.

Is Liquidity Locked?

Liquidity is locked for 3 year

What does it mean to have ownership?

Our contract address has been verified on BSC scan.

Contact us

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